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Tips to help increase the life of my soft top - which is one of the main reasons I love my Jeep so much. The ability to go topless!

Number 1... Reduce the exposure to the elements by parking in the garage.. if you can. The sun causes the fabric to fade, threads to fail and our vinyl windows to yellow, crack and fade. Spending quality time and hard work on our soft tops can make it last plenty of years.

Number 2... Never use bleach, detergents, ammonia or alcohol-based products, stick with the products specifically made for the soft top. Clean it monthly, and don't forget the inside.

Make sure you keep those zippers clean too. Just some regular mild soap and water will keep dirt from building up on your Jeep's zippers as well. If you let dirt and grime build up on your soft top, windows and zippers, it will ultimately lessen the life of your soft top.

Number 3... You hear a lot of people recommending the Pledge spray polish, the regular not lemon, on Jeep Windows. I suggest you avoid this tip. I hear over time it will cause your windows to turn yellow.

Number 4… You hear this question all the time on social media. Can I take my Jeep through the car wash? First if you have a lifted Jeep with bigger tires some car washes will refuse you. Those automatic car washes work but are not a good idea because the high-pressure sprays and rotating brushes will force water into the vehicle. Taking your Jeep soft top through an automatic car wash will scratch the Jeep’s windows and might even tear the seams. Plus, some of the chemicals can cause irreversible damage to the vinyl itself.

Number 5… Zipper care it very important as well. Sometimes those zippers can be tough to zip on and off. I have used a Mopar zipper lube in the past, but some say that lubrication attracts dirt and grime. Some Jeep owners carry a small bar of soap in the glove box and rub the bar of soap directly onto the zipper itself, it will lubricate the zipper without attracting as much dirt & grime as the spray lubricants do.

I will take my window off and give the zippers a good cleaning on the windows and the soft top!

A must for your zippers…. is zipper pulls on your Jeep’s windows. This allows for easy grasping and pulling. There are several places online you can purchase paracord zipper pulls or it you are crafty you can make your own. The cool thing about this is you can make them in a color to match your accessory color. My purple paracord zipper pulls allow me to work the zipper much easier now.

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Pampering your Jeep is so important kinda like pampering your favorite gal! 😀
I use chapstick on my soft top zippers
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