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Yukon gears (less than 5k miles) 5.38. Professional install and removal. Proper break-in then synthetic oil. Only removed for LS Swap to 4.56 gears, then one tons. I was saving these for my wife's Recon but she ordered a brand new JLUR before I could install everything.

Rear PART # YGD44JK-538RUB $311.54
front PART # YGD44RS-538RUB $282.54

Ordered from Northridge4x4
Brand new in box:
Yukon rear master install kit: PART # PVTNORD44-JK-RUB $219.95
Yukon front master install kit: PART # PVTNORD44-REV-RUB $219.95

Located in Reno, NV. $SOLD


1 - 2 of 2 Posts