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XM on OEM 6-disc Sirius Radio???

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Ok... After having owned my Rubi for a full week now I can safely say that there are very few things that I miss from my H3.:smokin:

One thing that I do miss and I find my Rubi falls short in is the radio. Specifically XM vs Sirius. Satellite reception is poor (can't go more than a mile before the signal fails and the radio needs help acquiring a new signal), and the program lineup just isn't as good, or at the least its not what I've grown to enjoy on XM.

Here are my questions:

Is there a way to get XM to play through the OEM head unit instead of Sirius? If you've been able to do this, what pieces/parts do you need to make it happen? If I have to I'll get an external unit and wire it via a FM antenna input, or via the Aux port, but I'd really prefer to use the factory head unit instead.

Thanks in advance,

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I don't know about Chrysler, but theres a new brain for GM vehicles that have XM to convert over to Sirius. I's sure there has to be something to go from Sirius to XM. I had XM in my other car and find Sirius to fit my music needs better. Each has their +'s.
there prob wont be one for the stock radio because the sat tuner is built into the radio, on Gm's the sat tuner is a external unit that plugs into the stock radio, thats how you can swap it over from XM to sirius. but it might just be a software change, because sirius and XM both say that if they merge you will not need to buy new quipment
Crutchfield has lots of options. You could purchase a plug-n-play unit with a built in FM transmitter which will play XM over the FM channel you choose.

Here's a link with more options...

I had hoped to avoid an external XM head unit, but if necessary I guess thats what I'll do. Anyone have any idea how long until the actual merger of XM and Sirius occurs? ;)

Then I could get my programming and not have to change out the radio! :laughing:
i heard they will announce something soon, i also heard that if it isnt approvved sirius is goin to sue. theres so much more our govt needs to be worring about than the xm/sirius merger
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