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Well I sold my bushwackers. I have a month to find something else.

I like the BW, but I am moving from an area that they don't enforce the vi regulations to a province that will enforce. In BRITISH COLUMBIA I need all tire coverage. So I am considering new flares.

Xenon wide - can someone give me a flare width at the axle? I would like to determine coverage

Psc wide crusher flares may be out in dec! This would be the ultimate IMO. That said I don't know how wide these will be

Trailmods - I would scoop up a deal on these since there out of business. Can I have a measurement at the axle front and rear flare width?

Anything else out there I have not considered? I am running 36x13.5r17 on 9" wheel with 4.5" bs. Thanks for the help.
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