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Im looking to swap someone or buy someones 33-35" Wheels and Tires or trade for my 32" BFG Mudterrain Km's I have 5, one is Brand New, the other 4 have 2500 miles on them. Like new condition. I also have 5 Moab Powercoated Flat Black Rubicon Wheels. The wheels cost me 85.00 each to get poweder coated on top of the 125.00 each that I paid for them. Eveything looks awesome! I would just like bigger tires, I really dont care what size the wheels are as long as they fit a 2008 Jeep Wrangler. I prefer a solid black wheel, maybee a soft 8 or something like that. If you have a sweet setup, I would throw some cash at you on my end.

Also have factory shocks and Coil Springs
Factory Front and Rear Bumber.

I could give you those also.

Im interested it finding a nice rear bumper so let me know what all you have to sale or trade.



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