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I have had alot of people ask me to post up how I was able to mount my Yaesu 7900-R in my 2011 JK so here it is. Before I start I want to point out that I do not like drilling holes in brand new dashboards to mount items, so this was my way around that. Please don’t suggest that this is unstable or not mounted secure enough….. trust me it’s not going anywhere. [poke]

Also please do not link to this post on JK-Forum. That’s right fuck you Eddie. >:D

Let’s start with the radio unit itself. Its mount underneath the steering wheel. To gain access pull down on the plastic cover below the steering wheel to expose the metal plate. Sorry no pics of the plate installed. It’s held in place by 2 9 or 10 mm bolts. Remove this plate as it will not be re-installed.

There are 2 small bolts 7 or 8 mm that secure some other electronics( Not sure what it is maybe xm radio) in place just above the pedals. Remove these and mark the spot to drill on the Yaesu mounting bracket. You will use the existing bolts to mount the radio and bracket to the metal frame.

Sorry one is hidden by other wiring in the pic ( because I know everyone will ask, all that other wiring is for my battery voltage monitors and self-jump start button for my dual battery kit)
You will need to slide the radio and bracket installed from the underside as it will not fit between the metal bars.

I chose to mount the radio backwards so I could have easy access to the data port when programming the radio with my laptop.
From here connect the antenna cable and power to the unit but do not connect it to the battery.
Now for the remote mount head unit.

For this I decided to use a metal T bracket from the hardware store ( 50cents) I placed 2 small bend in it to clear the contours of the dash. Attach this bracket to the remote mounting bracket with the included bolts. I was going to paint this black, but it turn out you can’t even see it.

Now remove the 2 vents on the dash (turn them to the left) and then power window switch. Once the power window switch is remove not the small bolt below where the switch was. Remove this bolt.

This is where you will mount the remote head unit. Slide the bracket between the dash fascia and secure with the existing bolt. Now run the remote head cable to the radio unit. I decided at this time to use my auxiliary output that I previously relocated to the rear of the radio and run a 3.5mm audio jack to the Radio body. This way the radio audio will come through all the speakers in the JK.

Attach the head unit to the remote cable. And close up the center section of the dash.

Tighten all the connections at the radio body and attach the head unit cable to radio body. Close up the lower dash panel.
I decided to mount my mic using a Panavise mount beside the radio head unit.

Attach fused power connectors directly to the battery. Check SWR….
Let me know if anyone has further questions…….

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I like this and I may have to use your write-up. I have the 7900R in my Jeep.
Umm...Looking at my dash 09 this might not work for me after all. I still
might be able to adapt this somehow though.

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I mounted mine on my Hard Rock sport cage bar over my head and the mic wire runs along the bars that go to the B pillar bars. I thought about where you put it but I didn't like how much it covered the AC nobs.
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