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Write-up Library Index

Please PM me with a link to your writeup and I'll update the list.

Thanks to Scott (WTF_LOL) for putting this together...

and to Jason (SDMF) for maintaining it for the last few months.

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Accessories/HiLift/On Board Air/Powertank/Jerry Cans:
#10 Power Tank Install - Gear
ARB Compressor InstallMiraz
budget offroad air installDiscombobulated
DIY: On Board Air (Engine Bay Mounted)IndianaJeep
Dominion Offroad (Jeepswag) OBAPhrogMech46
Dominion Off Road/Woods/Jeep Swag OnBoard Air SystemJetDriver
Jeep JK Dominion Offroad OBA SystemGRIZZLY47
Powertank CO2 OBA system, lots of pics, and ideas for mounting? - Xtremjeepn
River Raider Air Tank+Vapor Canister Skid PlateHemo
Rutdigger: ARB compressor bracket rutdigger

Blitz Gas Can Lid Modwizard13756
Desert Snake Dual Jerry Can carrier Dr.Dirty
Fuel can install without a tire carrierdesert dog
Gas Can Carrier For Stock Bumper07XMan2Door

Fire Extinguisher mount - Bigjerm
Fire Extinguisher Mount - $20 Quick ReleaseBigMike

Six Dollar Hi-Lift MountChromedome

Armor - Undercarriage/Skid plates/Diff covers:
Auto Transmission Skid Repair - angryhippie
Benchmark Design Evap Canister Skid Install - Mr.RonGilbert
DIY Control Arm Skids for $15 - TheBlackSheep
Expedition One Rubi Skid install JeepinOutfitters
JK custom skid for stabilizer bracket StubEXrube
Poly Performance Fuel tank skid plate install - JohnnyWalker
Poly Performance Oil pan skid install - JohnnyWalker
River Raider Aluminum SKid installpeanut
River Raider Air Tank+Vapor Canister Skid PlateHemo
River Raider EVAP Skip BOX - Loki646
River Raider Off Road - Evap Skid Install - redcat
Rock Hard 4x4 JK Oil Pan, Trans & Dual Cat Converter Skid Install - RGJK
Poison Spyder Bomb Shell Diff Cover Install. - 2008Rubicon
Riddler Differential Covers - Dana 44 install guide - chasinternet
Rugged Ridge front skid plate/sway disco guard - Venom

Armor - Exterior Body protection/Exoskeleton:
GenRight Off-Road Rock Guards - TXROCK
River Raider rear tube fenders & crusher corner install4x4LOYR
River Raider Full corner kit - slacktide
OR-Fab Sport CageNeWereJK
Or-Fab and Poly performance cage installbrent_f70
Poison Spyder Cage InstallTEXASKEV
Poly Cage Install with Special SauceCo4Lo
River Raider Roll Cage & Rock Hard 4X4Hemo
Installing River Raider Limb Risers - Hemo

Axles & Differentials:
-----Axle Shafts-----
Installing rear axle shaftPhilD
RCV Performance Ultimate D44 Front Axle Shafts PhilD
Tack Welded caps on D30WTF_LOL
-----Axle Stiffening-----
Nitro dana 30 sleeve installHeloJeff
-----Breather Extensions-----
differentials ,diffs , transfer case, transmission breather tub extension/raisetkob1060
Manual Tranny BreatherOlegRock
River Raider Breather Extension KitLoki646
-----Complete Replacement and/or Rebuilding-----
Currie Rock Jock InstallGoat1
Front axle bearing hub replacement4x4x4
Rear D44 rebuild 2010 RubiMattPM0000
Ultimate Dana 60 SwapCO JK
-----Lockers/Axle Wiring-----
Aussie Locker Install in JK dana 30 WTF_LOL
ANOTHER way to wire the locker in your Rubi 44 ASTAR
How to wire up a Dana 44 E-locker on a X rockrash
Locker Bypass Switch PhilD
Powertank Air Toggle Valvesjeeperjkj
Total control lockers for Rubiconsjohn smack
-----Pinion Angle & Misc-----
Pinion AnglePhilD
Gear Ratio Tire Size Chartplanman

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ABS Wire Reroutecarbonunit
Parking Brake CablesPhilD
Parking Brake handle assembly replacement - Manual shift JKGoodysgotacuda
Project "Working Emergency Brake" & Rear Brake Replacement w/PNsSASQUATCH
Rebel Offroad JK Brake Kit ReviewTEXASKEV
Video on how to change your brake padsusmcdoc14

Body Lifts and Mods for Better Fit:
1" Body Lift Rear Bumper Gap EliminationBryGuy
SAS’s JK Manual Tranny Inner-Boot Mod for BodyliftsSASQUATCH

Bumpers and/or Tire Carriers:
Quick Shackle Fix - bodyguy
AEV Front Bumper Install Guide with skid plate and winch chasinternet
Bulldog Bumper and Winch Install TiredIronGRB
Rutdigger: Factory Front Bumper Stubby Conversionrutdigger
Front Bumper BuildBlkRuby
My front Bumper BuildHOT_DAMN
Rutdigger: Front Stingerrutdigger
Front Stubby Shrockworks Bumper install + winch4x4LOYR
GenRight ALUM Front Bumper Installcarbonunit
GenRight aluminum winch bumper with stingerTXROCK
MadMyk's BumperMadMyk
Mopar front bumper d-ring mount conversionVenom
Nice looking stock stubby for 6 dollars...tuff2010
Not your average stock stubby (w/stinger & hidden winch) militaryman4455
Rough Country Bumper Cap Install jkracing37
Smittybuilt XRC front bumper mod - cvjoint
Smittybilt XRC front bumper with winch mount & HIDx light install - JPTwinz
Stubbed Stock Bumpers/ Jack Mount 07XMan2Door
Rear Bumper Build ... just in time for Moab! - rJeepThing
Rear BFH install - WRMorrison
GenRight Aluminum Rear Bumper InstallationTXROCK
New Version of Stock Rear Stubby BumperRotorHead
Stock Rear Bumper Removal MaRShiN
Stubbed Stock Bumpers/ Jack Mount 07XMan2Door
-----Tire Carrier-----
AEV tire carrier works with Mopar Off-Road BumperVince1
Expedition One Trail Series rear bumper & tire carrier install.JeepinOutfitters
GenRight Off-Road tire carrier installation TXROCK
HD Customs Sport Switchblade peanut
OR-Fab Tire carrier Install brent_f70
JK Spare Tire Relocation Bracket Save Money Fireman92
Rancho Rear Bumper - Chunks
rear bumper build with tire carrier - firefighter
Rear Bumper With Tire Carrier - rockrash
Rear Bumper/Tire Carrier build - SONIC
Rutdigger: rear bumper, tire swing, and jerry can holders - rutdigger
Rutdigger: Tire Basket Rack - rutdigger
Shrockworks Full Width Rear Bumper and Tire Carrier - Mr.RonGilbert
Stubby-Fied RR XHD Rear Bumper - YingYang
Winch install with Olympic Smuggler Bumper - ONE40pt6

CB and Antenna:
Tailgate Antenna BracketTheBeatenPath
CB RADIO w/ FIRESTIK INSTALL (Glove Box Mounted)IndianaJeep
Tuning a CB RadioLoki646

Cooling - Radiator/Fan/Tranny:
New SPAL Fan Shroud! Install The Joker

Quick & Easy Trans Fluid Change PhilD
Tranny Cooler Install KerryP
Transmission Cooler PhilD
Transmission Cooler Installgold knight
Transmission Power Steering Cooler bodyguy

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Dash - Switches/Winch controls/Gauges/Dash Mods:
Aeroforce Interceptor gaugeDr. Dirty
Another Gauge Podjct
High Beam indicator "adjustment" b1pig
JK Guage Pod (mounted on Daystar panel) rutdigger
Lower Instrument Panel Bezel with Net install (super easy) 4x4LOYR
Moved my gaugesJohn L
Oil Pressure and Trans Temp GaugesPhilD
Painted A/C rings Grant211
Power Door locks in my Half doors ... dmhines
Powerplant in cab control solution John L
Relay and Switch Box InstallBerlin
Transmission Temp GaugePhilD
12VoltGuy - Warn 9.5 XPandrelopez99

Drivetrain - Transmission/Transfer Case/Driveshafts:
Advance AdaptersTransfer Case Shift CableSoK66
Atlas II InstallGoat1
JE REEL 1350 Rear Driveshaft Install RotorHead
Servicing/Re-packing a factory driveshaft CV joint Goodysgotacuda
Teraflex 2 Low Shifter Kit review and install Woods
Transfer case rear seal replacemilitaryman4455
Wood’s Front Drive Shaft Install WTF_LOL
2" Body Lift Gap Seal Mod for Manual TransmissionsSASQUATCH

ECU - Mods/Sensor Bypass, Replacement/ESP/Engine managment:
Clockspring ReplacementChili
Colder AC mod write upvenom
Defeat TPMSChromedome
ESP FULLY OFF for your jk (08-11?) Monster Jk
ESP kill... b1pig
ESP Switch Mod Jkmike07
How to disable the warning sound John L
JK Wrangler Power Locks Tweaks & other Hokey Pokey Settings compilation:D
seat belt chime AND Idiot light wire bypass Venom
Wheel Speed Sensor Replacement - it's easier than you think Mr.RonGilbert

Electrical - Wiring/Power Source:
Video: How to solder and correct heat shrinkusmcdoc14

Custom Power Distribution Block Rescue1
Easy Switched Power Source ronjenx
Ef's-Pod zjr
Good Switched PowerFastSRT8
New sPOD and Source install, so easy my girlfriend did it!!!! Part 12008Rubicon
New sPOD and Source install, so easy my girlfriend did it!!!! Part 22008Rubicon
sPOD install for Dummies!!!JohnnyWalker
sPOD installGreenfeet
sPOD install with picsscottrock
sPod Install and ReviewFamily-jk
2011 S-Pod Install with air gauged'sjk
sPOD and Source Write-up Gear
sPOD Quality Showcase TEXASKEV
Painless Wire 7 way fuse panel Installed!!! Gear
Painless 7 into 2015 JK JJS2
Selectable Battery/Accessory Power Source ronjenx
wiring diagram (for relay wiring)Uncle Sams Misguided Child
Benchmark dual Battery installDr. Dirty
Rutdigger: Dual Battery Trayrutdigger
Battery Hold Down Clamp 10 cent fixgold knight

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Electronic Accesories - GPS/Stereo/Speakers/MyGig:
Aftermarket radio install (with pics)BeerMonkey
Alpine IVA-W205 Stereo Head Unit install 4x4LOYR
GoPro Hero HD review - offroader613
How Install New Mygig Updates. With or with our Nav. All Countries - bodybrdng
How to remove dash cover for radio in a 2011 (part of another install) - J_Westy
iPhone mount on your console under $20 (super easy) AZRob
iPod install for RESBigMike
JK Subwoofer Grover
Mounting Garmin/Magellan GPS unit on Daystar Upper Dash Panel jeeperaf
RAM Mount install for GPS unit Indy
Removal of stock radio from a 2011 JK jerseypeach
Rutdigger: Custom speaker boxes rutdigger
2011 Stock JK Speaker Removal and Upgrade jkristie44
Sub relocation StubEXrube
Installing TVandNAV2Go for MyGIG importmonkey
Use more than one device with your AUX jack Preacher

Engine - Performance/Fuel System/Exhaust/OEM replacment:
2 door JK muffler relocated! (+ sound clips) WTF_LOL
Benchmark Design Evap Canister Skid Install Mr.RonGilbert
EVAP Cannister RelocationPhilD
(Exhaust pipe heat shield) Fixed the JK rattle beachjeeplove
Flowdaddy headers installedb1pig
Gibson cat-back dual exhaust write-upJPTwinz
Idler pulley doesnt like mud/water/sandy watertkob1060
JK aux fuel tank- The Long RangerWhereTheHellIsJames?
PCV Valve Easy Removalronjenx
RIPP Long Tube Headersbodyguy
Ripp supercharger install on 2008 JKURQuacktacular
Throttle Body CleaningHittnthebz
WOODS EVAP - Write-upjoePILE
Dominion Offroad (Woods) High Clearnance Exhaustriverzendz

Exterior - Body, Hood/Doors, Tailgate/License Plate/Fenders/Misc:
-----Body, Hood-----
52 cent Hood Bumper Removal ModJohn L
Antenna hitting your windshield lights?John L
Front grille mesh mod - radiator protection for under $25 - includes part numbersJPTwinz
Hood bounce / lift fix b1pig
Hood bounce/Jump/Flutter fix tbfreebird
Partial writeup for my hood lift fix JohnL
Hood Vents PhilD
Hyline Offroad JK Hood Louver Panel Install numb_crna
Poision Spyder Hood Louver Install Beastmaster
Poision Spyder TJ hood louver on a JK YingYang
Synergy Suspension Louvered Hood Panel Chris Hansen
Replace your crappy grill fasteners for 8.59John L
Teraflex Hood Strut Kitfnc
-----Doors, Tailgate-----
Bedlined Door Hingesdyolfknip
painting/bedlining door/hood hinges Venom
How to Plastidip your Door Hinges and Jeep Emblem JKURay
Door Bushing ReplacementHellbound13
Home Made Tube Doors (Part 1) Preacher
Power Door locks in my Half doors ... dmhines
Rutdigger: Tube Doors rutdigger
JK front door panel disassembly guide chasinternet
HOME-MADE Tailgate Vent Cover IndianaJeep
PSC Tramp Stamp Using OEM Bolts e-jeep
Tailgate Bolt Hole Plugs - Best OptionTEXASKEV
OEM Tailgate Check Rod Retrofit ronjenx
-----Door Storage-----
4 Door Carrier(cheap) Swindle
(Door Cart) wood, wheels and screws! - dola12
Door Hangers - Indiana Jeep

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Aftermarket Fender Clipschasinternet
Are you ripping your rear fenders off at full flex? Woods fender trim Part IWoods
-Fender Trim Part II Woods
Crossed Up Off Road tube Fenders Alec W
Factory Fender Flare Mod RotorHead
GenRight Aluminum Fender Install carbonunit
GenRight Aluminum Fender Flares installation TXROCK
How I would make flat fenders PB Foot
Poison Spyder Crusher flares - REAR - JPTwinz
River Raider rear tube fenders & crusher corner install4x4LOYR
Rutdigger: Front Flat Fenders - rutdigger
Trailmods Flare install - Dr.Dirty
Xenon Narrow Flat Fender Install - RoCk-NeSs MoNsTeR
Xenon Fender Installation Write-Up - BryGuy
-----License Plate/Misc.-----
Homemade License Plate relocation LS6TT
License Plate Relocation with Lights RotorHead
Relocated the License plate.. tuff2010
Mud behind tail lightsmrsig
Rock Hard license plate relocation bracket + ORO LED PlateLite install on XRC bumperJPTwinz
Temporary License Plate Fix j-sack

4 door Rear Headrest Removal Bodyguy
4dr Linex prep, console removal, rear seat removaltkob1060
Add AC outlets to your consolejkdrone
install: neoprene armrest RamboSFJC
Axle Storage Alec W
Bedlined Monstaliner Beastmaster
Bedlined tub and thermal barrier. two ton anchor
DIY: $20 Tire Carrier Inside Your Cargo Area IndianaJeep
Easy Fire Extinguisher Mount for a 5 lbs. Unit. mrsig
Fixed sticking console lid....I know:) gold knight
DIY Tacticool Grab HandlesSimple Jumper
Front Grab HandlesWeGo4x4
just made some grab handlessayers316
Homemade Backseat Grab handleskenszel
Leatherwrapped Front Grab Handle FzyPchz
Check Corp Heated Seat Install in a 2011 - J_Westy
Custom Molle Gear - Simple Jumper
Home-Brew Molle Seat "cover" - Preacher
Home-Made Cargo Netting - Preacher
Interior Cargo Rack- scottrock
$10 Door Sill Guards - FosDad
Cargo Floor - JK 4door - Rodjk
Homemade Removable Tie-downs - ronjenx
Poly Baja Basket - desert dog
Quadratec Floor Mats - PERSONALIZED MOD- joePILE
Change rear seat angle in a unlimted - 4x4x4
Rear shelf for gear while sleeping- chasinternet
Rockhard4x4 Harness Bar Install - PhilD
Rutdigger:Foldout Tailgate Camping Table - rutdigger
Streamlight SL-20XP Flashlight Installed Gear
TeraFlex 3rd row seat bracket - Fazed
manual shifter knob on auto trans using lodapt adapter - venom
How to remove your stock Automatic shifter knob & install some Drake billet candy - JPTwinz
YES ESSENTIAL seats- How to clean - Grant211

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Lighting - Rock lights/Overhead/Driving/Fog/Mood lighting:
Anti-Theft Light Covers!Mrsig
Back up lamp install W3CSX
Back-up/Trail lightsStubEXrube
Black out FogsConvict
Building Dual Windshield Light Brackets - Hemo
Bumper Light Brackets - IndianaJeep
Cargo lightingbodyguy
Cheap rear light for camping Alec W
DIY Lighting Harness - Dancin Dan
Floor lightschasinternet
Easy Fog light upgrade...tuff2010
(Fog Light Bulb Modified into Plug) Another Driving Light Mod-PSC Brawler Lite w/ Pilot Lightssixty5vdub
Fog Light CoversTitus
Goody's Useless...but kinda cool Fender Blinker Mod Goodysgotacuda
Headlight harness how-to Venom
HID Headlights Write-up!!!Gear
KC 130w Lights on the Factory Fog harness H8T2W8T
KC Headlights install on AEV bumper Airric00
LED Turn Signals and Side Markers CDavisJK
Maglite magnetic mountdickyB
Make Side Marker lights Running Lights AND flashers WTF-LOL
making big winshield lights and aev snorkel fit TheBeatenPath
Map/reading lightb1pig
Replacing a stock headlight bulbDancin Dan
Underhood light installJohn L
Wiring a 3rd Brake Light w/ Swingout - JocKy
VisionX Rock Light Install - angryhippie
Vision X Solstice Solo INSTALL WRITE UP - joePILE

Cheap Side View Mirror That Worksjkristie44
Di-Tech Mirror Relocation Bracket - A Review TEXASKEV
Dietech Mirror Relocation bracket video and review rayholio
Homemade Mirror Holders Alec W
Mopar off-road mirror kit thaduke2003

Roof Racks:
Gobi Ranger Rack Installation with pictureskenallwine
my gobi rack install (well over due)jerzeyjeep

Rock rails - Sliders/Boat side/Side Steps:
Mopar/OEM Rubicon rock rails thaduke2003
Rock Hard 4x4 Rocker Guards rock342
OR-Fab sliders and side armor write up BBirish
Rubi Rocker Tubes reddragons
Rutdigger: Rock Rails rutdigger
Olympic A/T rock rails for 2-door JK thaduke2003
(Rubi Rock Rails Refurbish) prep for bedlining TheBeatenPath
trimming rear pinch seam and rubi rails venom

Security/Lockable Storage:
Lockable Storage on the CheapPreacher
Rutdigger: Underseat security drawer - rutdigger
My $60 Cargo Area Cover ~ Light Security - e-jeep
WP - JK Security Trunk - maverick
Under-Floor Storage - ronjenx

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Fresh Air Intake / Adjustable Snorkelbodyguy
River Raider SnorkelMadMyK
Rutdigger: Snorkelrutdigger

Ball Joint Install Vids Woods
Drag link flip kit tuff2010
PSC Steering System cjcraig7
Poly Performance’s draglink – knuckle under mini-me
Poly Performance Steering Damper Install Mr.RonGilbert
Steering Clunk Fix (links) Compilation ;)
Stop the steering clunk cajun01
DIY: Steering Stabilizer Relocation Goodysgotacuda
Tera Flex steering stabilizer thaduke2003
Toe Adjustment PhilD
WOODS Steering Stabalizer - Write-upjoePILE

Diagnosing Death Wobble and Fixing Non-DW Shimmies and Wobbles planman

Artec rear axle track bar bracket install PB Foot
Bilstein 7100 tear-down photos / tips LARGE PHOTOS b1pig
center mount limit straps desert dog
E-Disco Conversion To Manual ronjenx
E-disco Holy Crap! no wonder it is so expen$ive and prone to failure! venom
Gain Ground Clearance with Sway Bar Relocation NorthGAX
HOMEMADE front spring clips = $1.50 total! StubEXrube
How to run 37s with flat flares, a 1" body lift, and 2.5"-3" suspension lift planman
Jks bar pin eliminator tip rob4607
JKS Quicker Discos - the easy way. Mr.RonGilbert
OME 2.5 lift with goodies install guide chasinternet
Poly Performance Rear Coilovers Dr.Dirty
Project "no more rock magnets" Dr.Dirty
Replacing Shock Bushings - RubiCajun
Rear shock mounts - RoCk-NeSs MoNsTeR
Rock Krawler 2.5 Max Travel Pro Mid Arm Kit - mikebigh
Rock Krawler 5.5 Longarm Coilover - TEXASKEV
Rock Krawler weld on bumpstops - thebigtman
Rough Country BB: Before, after, tips - Stopher
Rough Country 4" lift w/ Performance shocks - Black09JK
Teraflex 2.5” HD BB lift Install WTF_LOL
Teraflex 2.5" Performance Budget Boost with Adapters Bruzr
Teraflex Sway Bar Quick Disconnects Install NorthGAX
Teraflex leveling kit fl-mitchells
Tribe Coilover Install Dr.Dirty

Tops – Hardtop/Softtop/Bikini/Top Storage:
5 minute window storage … (cheap) Airric00
25.00 Rear Washer Hose Fix John L
Bedlined the INSIDE of my roof tuff2010
Bikini Header - Stop Flapping Noise KCJK
Cheap and Easy Hard Top Hoist MSUJeep
Chop a hardtop in half MarcM
DIY Hardtop Cart Riptyd
hardtop hoist/storage solution HG07JKRubi
HARD TOP LIFT for $130 IndianaJeep
Ron Mexico's Hard Top Write Up Big A (for RonMexico)
Hard Top Repair Taxx
Made my own headliner! 09rubicon
Heat Fix for Freedomtop! mrsig
Painted the outside of my hardtop tehiv
Removing Hardtop And Installing Factory Stowed Soft Top (Dual Top Option) toolmanTim
Safari Straps & Off Road Heros Soft Top Hemo
Spiderweb Shades SW1 JK-4D UM (JK Unlimited) Loki646
Soft Top Header Replacement kerryp
Softop training video (JK 2 door & Unlimited) Jdemonto
STOP The softop leak! GreenAmphibious(with Jason's pics hosted by Sasquatch) :)
Trektop Install John Smith

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7 Way Trailer Harness Installed Gear
7-Way Trailer Tow Harness Install stack79
How to Properly Stuff a Toy Hauler Mr.RonGilbert
Custom trailer The Hollands
My G518 trailer build venom
My M416 build Loki646
Another M416 Trailer Build YingYang
Off road trailer build pics reddragons
Flick's Offroad/Utility Trailer Build flick
Anyone interested in a teardrop build? oz97tj
Sandblasting, Powdercoating & Offroad Hitches Hemo

Wheels/Tires - custom fit, modified for JK:
How to sipe your tires for better wet/ice traction and safety usmcdoc14
How to take a tire off a beadlock rim with no special toolsAlec W
HMMWV Beadlocksgt3073b
How to: Remove PVC run flats from H1 double beadlocks ONE40pt6
OWL to Blackwalls, Miller Tire PaintGunnersJK
TPMS & Valve Stem fixJoe C
Tire install (Non-Beadlock)Broncojohn
video: chalking your tires for wear and performance usmcdoc14
video: Setting a bead with FIRE !!!!! usmcdoc14

Bulldog Bumper and Winch Install TiredIronGRB
Custom Winch Install (behind stock bumper) tuff2010
Not your average stock stubby (w/stinger & hidden winch) militaryman4455
Stock Bumper Winch Mount IndianaJeep
12VoltGuy - Warn 9.5 XPandrelopez99
Winch install with Olympic Smuggler Bumper - ONE40pt6
Warn 9.5ti - Open for in-cab wiring - JohnnyWalker


Alec's Beef and Sausage Chili Alec W
Beer Cooler A/CLoki646
Changing Forum Colors :)gold knight (sort of)
Check List for Offroad SafetyBilly Goat
How to recruit members to JKOWNERS .:eMETAL:.
How to get minor scratches out..... TXROCK
prep for bedlining (for the how-to) TheBeatenPath
preping bare steel for paint, tipsmikeyfl
Review of the Generation II Trasharoo (for the how-to) Moose512
Sandblasting, Powdercoating & Offroad HitchesHemo
Stebel Nautilus Compact Horn Install John L
Shop / Pit box buildjohnmcd
Spare Key - adding, replacing and/or creatingTimbo2000
Tuffy Enclosure Pocket Thingie Flag MountMr.RonGilbert

JK Factory Parts Catalog link chasinternet
Jeep Owners Manual Download Aussie Jeepster
Torque Specs Wanderingtrail
2007 Wrangler Spec Sheet No Beating Jeeping

Buggy BuildRandy727
Wanna be Brute with JK running gear... mikeyapproved

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SDMF, WTF_LOL and Gold Knight:

A major "thanks" for your efforts to make this an outstanding site. Your tireless work, continued helpful suggestions and practical comments have made this the most friendly and helpful Jeep site.

You guys typify and are fine examples of what the Jeep experience is all about.

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Damn this thread is sick! Thank you Gold Knight and all members who contributed to the writeups. These are all very helpful and informative. There is easily enough here for years worth of weekend modding.

· Coonasian
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Very helpful, Larry, thanks for all you do! :gluging:
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