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Hey, all,

I wanted to introduce you to a charity car program I have launched as a board member of the Phoenix Children's Hospital Foundation. I have personally purchased and built/restored two sports cars that I donated to the hospital and, just this week, I purchased a 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited to be sold at the live auction at the PCH's Beach Ball event next February (hoping to raise $40,000 plus). I already have a few vendors and shops ready to offer free or substantial discounts on parts and labor for this build -- wanting to add wheels, tires, suspension, engine performance, stereo, paint and body work, brakes, upholstery, etc. The little Pontiac Solstice I am just finishing and donating has over $15,000 worth of free parts and labor on it.

At the end of the day, this Jeep will have a custom look inside and out, 400 supercharged horsepower, new leather interior, hard top, high end audio, etc. I think it will appeal to any number of the hospital supporters at the Beach Ball -- it's the perfect second vehicle for a home in Flagstaff, Park City, etc. The cool thing about this project is that even a guy with a stable of exotic vehicles would still love to drive a custom Jeep.

Be clear, there is a good chance that this will not end up being off-roaded, and I don't want to stir up that debate. But, as we know, people will spend a pretty penny on a custom Wrangler, and if the proceeds are going to the kids at the hospital, who cares what the owner does with it, right?

Let me know if anyone in the AZ Jeep community might want to come on board, vendors, shops, or owners, and help with this project. I'd be happy to bring it to a local event to talk up the project and program

Be sure to see the Jeep and get more info on the program at


Thanks so much,
Scott Bindley
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