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Well the last time I ordered a new vehicle was 1976 when we ordered a IH Scout II. Since then every vehicle I purchased was from dealer stock. Well that all changed om 11-03-11, when I order our new Wrangler. But I’m lost I have no idea what the process is. Could someone help enlighten me as to what the steps are? The dealer said they would keep me informed but how often? Do I need to gently remind them? How long does it normally take to get you VIN. Do I need the VIN before I can do any tracking? Man, oh man, any information anyone can pass along would be most helpful, I’m sure not just to me but to all those other “order newbies” out there.


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Welcome to JKO!:bounce: & Congrats!
Here's some Info I found at another forum.
I take no credit for this Info just a copy paste.

Build/ship progress reports and vehicle delivery info and tips (all countries):

1. For those not yet in D1 ("Scheduled for Build"), assignments to D1 are usually done once a day, in the early morning, so no need to recheck all afternoon or evening.

2. For those in D1, the next step will be "Built Pending Inspection" (I). There will be no in-between information (framing/paint etc.). Only the selling dealer has the progress reports between "D1" and "I". The advancement to "I" will be uploaded to the report system very soon after the vehicle rolls off the line, which means it can happen any time of the day or night.

3. Next you will see progress listings (with dates, times and locations) such as the following:

In Bay At Facility
Shipped to Storage
Departed Facility
Shuttled to Facility
Plant Release (KZ)
Paper Receipt
Staged For Shipment
Ramp Compare Inventory
Received by Facility
Loaded On Railcar
Released from Industry
Train Arrival
Train Departure
Arrived at Destination
Unloaded From Railcar
Departed Facility
Gate Exit from Facility
Vehicle Delivered to Dealer

4. Along the way there can be delays under any of the categories. Some vehicles will move right along while others will be "stuck" with no explanation given. The "estimated arrival" to dealer date can and often does change. Sometimes it is fairly accurate, sometimes not.

5. The most important "milestones" will be:

Built Pending Inspection
Plant Release (KZ)
Staged For Shipment
Loaded On Railcar (or truck)

6. AFTER the vehicle has been enroute on the truck or railcar and the vehicle is in or near your city:

You can break out the champagne when you see: "Departed Facility" OR "Gate Exit from Facility"

This means that your vehicle will be delivered to the dealer that day (most likely) or the very next morning.

7. During your wait:

Some owners will be blessed with a quick build, ship and delivery. Others may endure a longer and more grueling process with plenty of unexplained delays. People who ordered before or after others will get their vehicles before or after others. There can be 100 reasons for this, there is nothing you or anyone else can do about it. End of story.

Do not become frustrated! While the time between now and delivery may seem like an eternity, believe me, when the day final arrives that you put the key in the ignition and fire up that 285 HP 3.6L and head for the hills all of the waiting time will be quickly forgotten.

8. The delivery

Ahead of the delivery inform your salesperson that you do NOT want anyone to drive the vehicle (outside of a short test drive during prep). Tell them that during dealer prep (PDI) to save ALL paperwork, tags, build reports, etc. that come with the vehicle. Make sure they save the original window sticker and request that it be carefully removed and not torn off.

At the time of delivery, inspect every square inch of the exterior, look for any dings, dents, paint flaws, panel alignment, etc. Same with the interior. Any defects should be noted in writing BEFORE you sign on the dotted line.

Go over the window sticker and make sure everything listed is exactly as what you ordered. Verify that you have manuals (paper "quick guides" and DVD owners manual). Verify any ordered/add-on accessories.

Be alert and on guard when you are in the finance office signing the papers. This is when you are most vulnerable ("anxious") and will you come under a lot of high pressure for add-ons. The smartest thing you can do during this phase to to NOT order ANYTHING additional. Regardless of the deal ("only $7 more dollars per month") don't cave in. Anything that you feel you can't live without can be added or purchased later. This is NOT the time to buy an extended warranty.

Small stuff, but still important - when you get home, check the air pressure in all tires with an accurate gauge. In decades of ordering new vehicles I have yet to get one with the proper air pressure in all 4 tires. If you have the tire pressure readout display, those numbers should be very close to what an accurate gauge will show.

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Don't get too focused on dates and processes. It will drive you crazy.

I work for Audi and our orders take at least 4 months, sometimes longer. An R8 Spyder last year took 9 months...

I would check in with your salesperson and let him/her know you want to know when your order is accepted by the factory order bank. (this is probably done by now) And then you would like a call when you're about 30 days out.

In my opinion, a call every couple weeks is really overkill.

Congratulations and welcome to JKO.

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Waiting is a killer! Welcome to JKO. This is a great place to read and get ready for it's arrival. Have fun! :beer:
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