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WIRING PIN AND WIRES TO C-5 female hybrid Tyco plug

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I am in much need of someone that has a 2007 jk Wrangler x and allow me the privilege of knowhere to stick about 3 wires into their proper cavities into this plug that was a total meltdown hotmess since last November I’ve got a rebuild TIPM and all the connections purchased new as well and all are reinstalled by lilol’ me yet I can’t find one set of plans to my pin layout that is consistent for my application with everyone’s help and my own research and I am needing just a small section to be shown where these last wires belong in the proper operating areas to turn that key over after the reprogramming but if I don’t hear anything from anyone that can assist I suppose I’ll take a chance and then replace fuses etc as I learn that wasn’t the right cavity etc ughhh Roxy in Oregon starting to have a Personal meltdown over this TIPM CRAP!
As my Denali is now starting the same dang behaviors now ughh wipers and horn and lights a flashing with no warm body in the seat nor key in ignition and wipers while in use just stopping etc ughh Lord be with me as I adventure on my own faith because I know your all busy as well with something that need to be upgraded in our Jeeps so the best to you all and I’ve learned much on this adventure with my TIPM issue so if you ever need help with what I’ve learned I will share it I pray that I hate seeing people struggling
Roxy working in faith forward to not try anything during this process… arghhh


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