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Wiring gurus,

I need your help.

Jeep: 2014 JKUS 6-speed/manual tranny - with connectivity group/EVIC (matters as I have the rearview mirror with maps lights, auto-dimming, and map-lights turn on with dome-lights when door is opened)

Goal: To replace the factory mirror with a recycled Gentek Mirror (50-Genk 60/61/62) from an unknown vehicle. I choose this mirror to achieve the added feature of built in Homelink, yet retain the auto-dimming and map lights. Very few mirrors have map-lights and home link. This mirror also puts the compass and temperature in the mirror as well, and has the factory colored LED digits.

Rationale: My Jeep came with compass and temperature built in to the EVIC, but, I can't run with the digital speedometer and still see temp or compass (poor design). And my passengers/navigator can't see temperature or compass from the EVIC, so for me the recycled mirror is ideal.

(BEFORE others chime in, I know I can hide a remote in the roll bar, or add a Homelink unit to the header or A-pillar. I want to integrate in the mirror and gain a visible compass and temperature.)

Issues: The factory Jeep mirror is a 16 pin plug that uses 5 wires in the plug. My recycled mirror is a 10 pin mirror and came with a pre-made harness, 6 wires labeled. I need counsel on what wires from the new mirror harness I need to splice into my existing factory mirror harness to get the functions I desire.

Some wiring considerations that make this a little tricky:

I want to have Homelink work on accessory/switched power only (for security). Homelink stores it security code and does NOT need constant power to save/store the code.

I want the maps lights to trigger on when door opens (like it does from the factory now). But, I also want to be able to toggle on/off the map lights when on accessory/switched mode so I can read maps while driving! (just like factory mirror operates now) And don't want to be able to be left on with key out to drain battery. Just like the factory map lights operate.

Existing/Factory Harness:

I used a multi-meter and did some testing of the factory/stock 16 pin male mirror plug and came up with this:
1: empty
2: empty
3: empty
4: Yellow Wire with Blue Stripe (12 V with IGN on; 4.4 V key off; 12 V door open)
5: empty
6: empty
7: empty
8: Black Wire (ground)
9: White Wire (thicker than others) (12 volts when accessory/IGN on and gear shift in reverse; I think is a trigger that keeps factory mirror from auto-dimming when in reverse)
10: empty
11: empty
12: Yellow Wire with Blue Stripe (12 V with accessory/IGN on; 4.4 V key off; 12 V when door opens)
13: Red or pinkish color Wire (12 V accessory/IGN)
14: empty
15: empty
16: empty

(I have never seen a wire where it is 12 volts on accessory/IGN yet is 4.5 +/- when key is off, but then jumps to 12 v when door opens. Not sure why the factory wire still keeps a reduced voltage when key is off. I understand why we may want a full power when door opens as I assume the door switch would trigger dome/maps lights on/off.)

New Harness:

Appended below is a picture and description of the new harness for the recycled mirror and I will explain the wiring labels to the wire color:

Black = Ground (I can figure this part out; ground to ground)

Red = "Switched Power Acc outlet or Similar"

Yellow = "Homelink and Maplight fulltime power" (although I would like to place Homelink on switched. And I want to be cautious as to how I hook up maps lights so they can trigger when door is open (no key), be turned on with key; but can't be left on (no key) as it will drain battery. This is how factory mirror lights works now.

White = "Maplight Trigger Wire"

Purple = "Temp Sensor" (I can figure this part out!)

Purple # 2 = "Temp Sensor" (I can figure this part out!)

There is a note in the recycled mirror directions regarding how the new harness map light trigger wire may work (two different options depending on vehicle), and may require a relay. I could use help understanding that, and which version I need to do, and what wire do I connect to.


There are two (2) types of dome light circuits used in automobiles. Type A. All General Motors, most Chrysler, and some Ford import vehicles use a circuit that puts a constant +12 volts to the dome light. When the door is opened, the door jam switch provides a path to ground and the light comes on. In this case the wire at the switch will have +12 volts when the door is closed and 0 volts when the door is open. Type B. Most full-size Ford and some Chrysler vehicles use a circuit that has two wires at the door jam switch. When the door is closed, there is +12 volts on one wire but not the other. When the door is open, there is +12 volts on both wires. 11.2 Using a multi-meter, check the power at the door switch wire(s) and determine if the circuit is Type A or Type B. Contact your local auto dealership or auto sound center to obtain detailed information pertaining to your specific automobile wiring. If a relay is needed, they recommend from Radio Shack: 275-248; 275-206 or any "normally open" or DPT general purpose 12 V automotive relay.

In summary, please help with what wires from new harness connect/splice to factory mirror harness!

Picture Key:

Picture 1: new harness
Picture 2: diagram of factory mirror plug
Picture 3: look inside of existing factory mirror wiring harness loom


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