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Hi All, been a while

Ok so typical I ordered a set of headlights for my 07 from Amazon, and they came with no instructions. No problem I figure I'll search around and find out how to do it, but I can't find anything like what I have.

There's a green wire coming off the light which I assume :)oops:) is for the signal, and there's a red wire that goes into a wiring harness that's also a red wire that runs from one light to the other and then up to the fuse box, that's where it gets interesting. The harness plugs into a relay, I can't find any diagram showing this, or how to wire the replay to the fuse box. I have a black, white, red and a blue coming out of the relay. I can build my rigs from the frame down, but I'll be the first to admit I'm a little electrically challenged...

I'm also assuming this is somehow how I get the blue halo I ordered that's confirmed on the box, it shows white now. One guy in my club said I may need some type of controller in line? I've tried several times to reach the company I ordered from no reply, and there's no name brand on the box, the lights are bright as hell so no complaints there but could use a little help, thanks in advance!


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