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So winter is here and I need to get my winter project rolling. Prices are listed below and all are obo

ViAir400C 140$ SOLD
Warrior 1/2 doors 300$ http://www.jeepsandstuff.com/920doorpc.html
Sway bar quick disconnect Skyjacker I think 80$
OR-FAB front stinger bumper 450$ http://www.quadratec.com/products/12025_523X_PG.htm ON HOLD
Warn M8000I (rebuilt 1-2 years ago) with 100' of sys rope 600$

Coming soon
3" Zone coils and shocks 350$ (you will need bump stops, rear track bar bracket, front sway bar links your front get installed in the rear)

Interested in trade for johnny joints, JK D30 4.88 R&P, lunch box locker D30 TJ or JK), train horn, 1310 double cardan drive shaft (2door jk), stock rear control arms (bushing in good shape), York 210, 16" black steel wheels.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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