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I thought I would make a public service announcement once Winter 4x4 Jam in Hurricane, Utah, which is just outside of St. George. If you want a really fun, low key experience four wheeling in Utah, this is it. Lots of great crawling, dune running, and just general four wheeling in a beautiful area. They were very well organized, and had a lot to offer, with better facilities than are used in Moab. I was super impressed and happy with the experience.
Upsides were definitely the organization. You could tell it was put together by people that have had success organizing things their whole life. The formula was fantastic. Every trail leader that I had was great. Very helpful and knowledgeable about the area.
Downsides, if you are going to stay in Hurricane, there are only four or five hotels, with another that is opening soon. I don't drink, but I noticed that there was not a single bar in town, and for that matter, darn few restaurants. If you need a larger party environment. Then you will want to stay in Washington or St.George. If you plan on staying over Sunday, there is almost nothing open, and absolutely nothing that is local.
Overall, I would highly recommend the event. It was well worth the time and money. The wheeling is on a par with Moab. There are tons of trails to choose from, and other activities for people that like powered activities, if you want to come when it is warmer.

Www.winter4x4jamboree.com is the link. The trails are probably a little underrated, in my opinion. They are probably even more underrated after the past three days, because we were running in the rain the whole time, and that will tear up a trail.
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