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I read a thread about this but guess it wasn’t here, because I can’t find it now.

Anybody have any good info on this topic?

I’m curious about the benefits of running one.

The unit itself, good ones, ones not worth the money, etc.

Thread (I only half way paid attention too) mentioned a good unit on the cheap.

I noticed on S-pods site, that the offer an icon for “winch interrupt” switch, so assume one could be run through the Spod?

I’m totally ignorant on this topic, but want to learn if you have anything to offer.



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You can protect your winch circuit in several different ways.
The cheapest way is to run a fuse rated at your winch amperage.
You can also run a circuit breaker but a circuit breaker rated at the high
amps that a winch uses will cost about $100 and will be fairly bulky, also
a circuit breaker typically can not be remotely opened and closed.
You can use a relay it will like the circuit breaker be fairly costly
and bulky but it will allow you to control it from a switch or spod.
A relay will not have any over current protection.
A cheap manual interrupter is a high capacity switch like the Blue
Sea 9003E. You can keep your winch circuit disconnected until
you need it.
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