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These are available now and already being listed online. This is a mid width bumper. All winch mount steel is 3/16" thick and the bumper skin itself is 11 gauge (about 1/8" thick). I would describe it as a good "medium to medium-high duty" bumper. If you're the type to be slamming into rocks often, this might not be the bumper for you.

But it is a more budget minded solution.

Designed on a large SI9500 with an integrated solenoid, and using the standard 4.5x10 pattern.

P/N 595 - Standard (no brushgard, no d-rings) --should retail around $290
P/N 596 - Add D-Rings (no brushguard) --should retail around $320
P/N 59055 - Add Brushguard (no d-rings) --should retail around $330
P/N 59056 - Add Brushguard and D-Rings --should retail around $360

When I saw the pricing I didn't think it was too bad at all. Comes in lower than most I've seen, which seems about right, as it isn't a big crazy 3/16" thick bumper skin like most.

I might talk the boss into doing a "stubby" thick metal version after SEMA sometime, I'll keep you posted.
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