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Was wondering if anyone around here has yet to purchase one of the WILDBOAR molded hard tops with the sunroofs. I have fallen in love with the look since first sight and think it will be the next purchase once i decide on the lift. Was wondering if anyone has gotton one and if so have you had any problems with it leaking. My stock OEM lets water in at wil and my dealerships lack of help and poor quality of workmanship has led me to thinking this may be the only way i will be able to save and salvage my interior before its to late. In all honesty my soft top works 20 times better but really enjoy the benefits of the hard one in the winter months.
Thanks as always guys!!!:beer:
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Photos are deleted?!

I wonder if they will make a two piece hard top like the besttop as I am not a big fan of the t-top
yeah, not sure what happened to Jason. He built a kickass jeep and ran a charity where it was going to be given away and the next thing i saw he was hurting for money and fell off the planet.

here is a pic from wildboars website of a 2 door

check out the website for more pics
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That's my jeep. I had that hardtop for 8 months. ZERO problems! No leaks what so ever. As far as the paint fading, I actually painted that top with Duplicolor bedliner, as you can see in the pic, it looks factory.

This was the prototype top, & there were some upgrades done to the mold. It has been moved from Snugtop to Leer this year. The tops are 100% American made. I get my new "improved" version delivered next week. I'm really looking forward to it. I added the RockHard sportscage and decided not to go with the sunroof this time.

I've talked to the owner about becoming a sponsor over here, He is on Jeep forum I think.
post some more pics of your jeep bro... that top kicks ass
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