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Was wondering if anyone around here has yet to purchase one of the WILDBOAR molded hard tops with the sunroofs. I have fallen in love with the look since first sight and think it will be the next purchase once i decide on the lift. Was wondering if anyone has gotton one and if so have you had any problems with it leaking. My stock OEM lets water in at wil and my dealerships lack of help and poor quality of workmanship has led me to thinking this may be the only way i will be able to save and salvage my interior before its to late. In all honesty my soft top works 20 times better but really enjoy the benefits of the hard one in the winter months.
Thanks as always guys!!!:beer:
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I picked one up...the T-Top model. Here are my impressions...

1. I've not had a problem with it leaking and it's been through some heavy rains (a Florida hurricane last year).

2. I've got the Tuffy overhead center console. Due to this, I cannot install the securing clasp on the hardtop (console blocks this from being able to be done). The fix for this is to drill a hole through the hard top into the top of the windshield frame. This is no big deal...holes are drilled into the window frame for other aftermarket items (such as the channel for a bikini top).

3. This hard top blocks out just as much noise as the factory hard top.

4. The finish on my hard top isn't the best...is fading quickly for some reason. I've spoken with the company about this and they are taking care of it for me, which translates to good customer service.

5. Installation...very easy. The hard top doesn't weigh very much (although you still need 2 people), so it's not difficult to lift on and off. If I recall correctly there are 6 or 8 screws that attache the rear of the hard top to the rear portion of the Jeep. It attaches to the factory holes, so I didn't have to drill any. The T-Top sections come off and go on easily. The rear windshield wiper plugs in like the factory one did.

6. Design...very cool. I like the slanted back. I also like that the T-Top pieces allow the people in the rear seats to look up and see the sky as well (rather than just the front seat occupants).

7. Price...bit steep at $3500 plus shipping, so I imagine not everyone will pull the trigger for this, but I don't have any buyer's remorse. Shipping is expensive, so pick it up if you can.

Here are a few pictures. The last one is the most recent.

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