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Was wondering if anyone around here has yet to purchase one of the WILDBOAR molded hard tops with the sunroofs. I have fallen in love with the look since first sight and think it will be the next purchase once i decide on the lift. Was wondering if anyone has gotton one and if so have you had any problems with it leaking. My stock OEM lets water in at wil and my dealerships lack of help and poor quality of workmanship has led me to thinking this may be the only way i will be able to save and salvage my interior before its to late. In all honesty my soft top works 20 times better but really enjoy the benefits of the hard one in the winter months.
Thanks as always guys!!!:beer:
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paid $4200 with it painted to match the steel blue JK.

no leaks, no extra wind noise (rock hard cage and it pushed my windshield out about 1/8th inch and the stock top did develop some nasty wind noise, with the t-top it went away)

instead of using the "T-handle" fasteners we used same hex bolts without the "T" and some washers. it was a bit of a pain to get the t-handles to line up and tighten down. the bolts and washers worked out better.

having the t-tops off it really feels like the top is off untill you glace in a rearview mirror. plenty of sun and wind in the hair.

wildboar has a disclaimer on their site that it does not paint the t-tops to match. they do when asked apon order and was $400 extra. remember on '07 and '08 your paint may have faded a little and the top will be a tad darker. but its hardly noticible on my steel blue JK. (the above pic the JK is dusty and the top was just installed)

its F'n cold here and it does keep the heat in better since the top is lined on the inside. i didnt notice any extra heat during the summer.

as for looks, it will get people to take a 2nd look or try to drive next too you longer so they can take a look at it or snap a pic. funny thing, my cousins and brother and his wife didnt notice the top until i mentioned it had been changed.
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1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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