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best super charger

  • RIPP mods

    Votes: 13 65.0%
  • hesco

    Votes: 5 25.0%
  • adventure inovations

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wich super charger

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wich super charger is best iv ben considering the RIPP mods or the adventure inovations and was wondering if any body had one and wot they thot of it or if there was any brands i was missing any input on this would be great
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100dolarman has the Hesco, he can give you some insight there.
ok ya i'l ask him about it thx do u have the ripp mods? since thats the one u voted on?
Also wondering what supercharger to run?
I am waiting another year until they all get the bugs worked out with the ECU. And to save the money!

I do like the results and support of the RIPP though
Hesco has all the bugs worked out, over 50 kits sold to normal everyday guy's. I work for them and have the first one installed on my 07.

We have recently finished up the ECU reprogram which will completely eliminate the throttle light (lightning bolt) that some JK's have while accelerating under boost . No check engine lights and no add on black boxes needed. It has taken a lot of work to get the factory ecu to work with the boost. Also the shifting and transmission torque management has been reeworked to give a nice firm and quicker shift and stay under power while shifting.

The install is very easy and can be done in about 3 hours with basic hand tools. No modifing you factory parts!!! All you do is bolt in on and go. A big bonus is if for some reason down the road something was to fail all you have to do is stick your stock belt back on and the whole system is bypassed, which is a big bonus when hours off the main trail.

I wish I hade more time to get on here and promote but its been busy at the shop working on projects lately. We are in Birmingham Alabama and everyone is welcome to stop by and take my JK for a spin and check out the kit.

I have not seen a RIPP kit yet so I can't comment on it. It would be fun to have a "boost off" Find a independent Dyno somewhere and let em rip. Keep the boost levels comparable along with tire size and gear ratio....it would be fun.:bounce:
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Personally, I would save the money and put it torwards a Hemi swap.
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