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Why Do We Regear Cars, Trucks, Jeeps, & SUV's?

Watch the video as we explain some of the mystery & give you an inside look at the theory behind why this modification is so important if your vehicle is sporting aftermarket equipment. *** Be Sure To Like & Subscribe! ***

The most important parts of your vehicle are the parts you never see. Most newer vehicles have a high-geared overdrive and are shipped from the factory ‘under-geared’ so that the vehicle runs at lower RPMs on the freeway. That way, the manufacturer can increase their overall mile-per-gallon average. Even slightly larger tires change the RPM at which your vehicle was designed to shift gears, creating more heat, wearing out your transmission and drive train pre-maturely. This, and adding heavy accessories, also puts more strain on your engine and transmission, greatly reducing your power and fuel economy. By changing the gearing, and effectively the gear ratio, you can easily take back all that power, fuel economy and reduce wear, adding years to your vehicle.

Offroading - This modification is GREAT for your Lifted Truck, Jeep or SUV - We see people building offroad rigs to suit their needs every week, gears HAVE to be part of the equation - Especially when it comes to rolling larger tires, or heavy aftermarket accessories like front & rear steel bumpers - winch - roof racks - rooftop tents & recovery gear. You spend thousands on functional offroading gear - but keep in mind the functionality of your drivetrain as you add on weight! Regear & solve the problem entirely.

Drag Racing - We have a huge line of high performance Ring & Pinions - Full Spools, Limited Slip Differentials, and Forged Yokes & High Quality U-Joints you need, as well as all the bearings, seals, & shims needed for proper install. Or - For those that need a fully built high performance Ford 9" Dropout we make them in house, right here int he USA. If you have not checked out our top of the line "Nitro NIN9" Billet Third Member, check this link - It's worth the look: https://www.nitro-gear.com/category-s...

Diesel Competition & Performance - We're expanding more & more into the diesel performance industry with our ring & pinion gears, high quality master install kits, and traction devices. The guys who love their trucks enough to modify to suit their personal taste typically end up with larger than stock tires, which can create unwanted stress & heat buildup in your driveline. Regear & Regain Performance!

**Special Thanks To Alec Russell @ SunCoast Performance & Cameron Hotchkiss @ Diesel Power Products for submitting helpful video contributions to make this video more complete**
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