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Ok, I have a set of Ping Eye 2's that I'm wondering something about. Everything I find online shows silver clubs, but all of mine are a brass or bronze finish (except the sand wedge). Great weight to em, fun to swing. I just wish I knew more about em.
Those are called Beryllium. The Eye2 clubs are a great set of clubs. They were a breakthrough in the design of golf clubs back in the day. I had a set years ago and sold them for a newer ping model...wish I had kept them.

I have played with a set of Callaway Beryllium irons since 1996/97 !!! I love them.

Previously I played mostly with Hogan irons. Having grown up near the plant it's what brand we all (my friends) played growing up.

For some reason I find the Beryllium clubs play straighter for my swing. I have had the opportunity to upgrade my clubs a few times but simply prefer this Beryllium set of irons that Callaway made 15 years ago !!!

Just my 2¢ :beer:
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