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Where to get gears install Recommendations Vegas,Phoenix

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Looking to get some gears and a front locker installed. Live in Vegas but will drive to Phoenix if the price was right.
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Check out Adam's Driveline in Henderson, NV.
Most of the guys down here use Andrew at Letzroll Offroad. He's competitive and has a good name down here...


Adams Driveshaft 702 568 5680 .

They do great work.
Another vote for Adams!
Adams Driveshaft! Just dropped my Jeep off there this morning for gears and driveshafts!
Just got a quote from Total Auto Pros, Phoenix, for 5.13's, elocker rear, upgraded axles rear for $3060. When I get the OK from the wife :th_pray: that is where I am going. I drive by there shop all the time and see some sweet jeeps out front. 4Wheel Parts was more expensive.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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