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Meeting Place: Hwy 59 and Dunning Road, St Clements, MB... 10.6kms north of Winnipeg on Hwy 59, at the Esso/59'er
Meeting Time: 8:40am
Rollout Time: 9:00am
Destination: Area near Seddon's Corner
CB Channel: 8

This event is open to everyone, all clubs, groups and those new to wheeling. If you’ve never been and want to check it out Seddons Corner is a great place to start and there will be lots of people around to help. (Stock friendly, with bypasses)

There will be a hot dog lunch at 1:00 pm, and there will be a raffle with a whole bunch of cool prizes, including a brand new winch!

Mandatory front and rear recovery points. - Proceed at your own risk.

I am just posting this as a courtesy as I have had questions about details of the run. There is no real "club" hosting it, but usually gets a great turnout. 50+ rigs have shown up in the past for the Winter Mega Run.

We run, convoy style to the wheeling destination. Please be courteous to other drivers and obey all traffic regulations.

Pack out what you bring in. Please do not litter.

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