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What's your MAX tow weight???

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Well, I plopped the money down in front of the camper salesman and she couldn't refuse...so I am soon to be the proud owner of a Fleetwood Evolution E3.


So the dry weight is 2990 (under the 3500 max) for the JK. My question is, have you ever weighed what you haul? (the max 'wet' weight for the E3 is 4400 lbs). And my smart alec son also points out, that 3500 is supposed to include passengers and cargo inside the jeep also.

I think I'm gonna get me a transmission temp gauge to monitor and do a couple local camping trips between now and the beginning of May to see how it goes. This might get interesting.......
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I tow This

Rock wood highwall pop up... right at 3100 lbs. Loaded up, we push 3400lbs.... It tows OK. need a little more power and it would be fine.

We towed it to Durango, Colorado and back last summer, the only problems we had were in West texas, strong head winds, and in Albuquerque, NM Same thing with the head winds.

Keep in mind I'm running 37" Iroks and 5.13's. I have a tranny temp guage, brake controller, and weight distributing hitch setup, and sway controller.

I see you've got the Hesco SC, so you should be fine, just make sure you get a brake controller, and a WDH with the tongue weight of that trailer.
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