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whats up guys from MS

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Just registered on this site like five minutes ago. I have read the forums as a guest and would prolly have to say this is the best site for JK jeepers. I have only had my 08 yellow X 2dr hardtop (its a auto ... i got tired of shifting while riding) for about a month so no real mods yet , but I did take all the stickers off bc I am not a real big fan of them. Just graduated Medic school so I havent had a lot of time or the money to start building. Future plans are a stubby front bumper, xrc rear bumper, tinted windows, 33's BFG KM2, not sure what kinda of lights to get any suggestions?
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Hey welcome to the site. I read your other post - I'd try some wildlife management areas in your state. Probably a lotta swamp riding I'd imagine - same here in Florida. And dont ride alone on those kinda trails.

Good luck w/ the build and post up pics as you get it going.

Oh and congrats on the graduation. We need more ditch doctors.

Edit: Have you tried these guys: http://www.smjc.net/
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