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Well I guess I've been lurking long enough. I'm trying to figure out which mod to do next. I'm thinking either; MC Undercloak, MC flares, Genisis dual battery system, shafts don't know whether to do front or rear first or maybe both at same time depends on funds. Or bolt in cage. This is my DD and crawler on weekends. Mainly do the Rubicon, Barrett. Thanks for the input.

Here's the specs on my rig.

2015 unlimited rubi
3.5" Metalcloak game changer ome edition
35" km2 on 15" level 8
Psc brawler front
Lod rear w tire carrier
Psc frame mounted rockers
Warn zeon 10s
Jw headlights
Trimmed stock.flares
Homemade co2 system

Forgot Psc bombshell diffs.

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I'd upgrade the axle shafts while your stockers are still good so that you have quality trail spares. A cage is definitely a good idea if you're out wheeling and will definitely help with a sense of security on the trail.

Are your diff covers in good shape? That is a "cheap" upgrade you could do along with the shafts.

Factor 55 ProLink E is an awesome upgrade if you find yourself winching often.

EVAP skid?
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