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For you given your tire size requirements, we would recommend the 3.5" Max. Travel Mid Arm. It provides you with high steer which will be really important for reducing the steering stress on your OEM components with those big new sneakers. With that system and PSC fenders we actually recommend 38's. You could squeeze 40's for that really low COG look!

Like others mentioned, long arms are permanent and alot of work no matter who's system you choose!

With our 3.5" X Factor or Max. Travel Mid arm, you can easily lift one rear tire almost 40"s off the ground before any other tire comes off the ground on a 4 door and that is without getting really tricky with shocks! That is alot of off-road articulation ability for a Mid Arm System.

If you are game, long arms are Bad A**, but it costs more and the install is alot more work!

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