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What is it worth???

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I am thinking about selling my AR15 and I was wondering if one of you guru types could tell me about how much I could expect to get for it?

It is built on a Spikes Tactical lower. Everything else came from M-A. It is pre-ban config. The barrel is threaded the whole 16" and has a removable flash suppressor. The stock is fiberforce and it has an ergo-grip. The flaslight on it is just a cheap walmart LED, optic on top is just a cheapo red dot. It has 4 mags, and is maybe 18 months old. I have only been able to shoot 3 or 4 mags out of it. Never a hic-up. Any help regarding price would help. Thanks.
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dunno about the AR - I'm definitely not a guru. my best guess in the $700-800 range, but let me know if you wanna move that SAIGA! :smokin:
I may sell it. Haven't shot it much. It really likes heavy loads even with the gas setting on the lighter one. I doubt I will sell it, my girl bought it for me. But... as they say everything has a price. It needs new furniture but I lost interest.
I bought all the parts from M-A... They said the barrel was made by wilson arms? The upper was made and assebled by lewis machine and tool. The internals are mil spec, MA said same as rock rivers basic stuff. I think I only put 3 mags through it. Maybe 4. So I would say it is still pretty fresh.
Yup, around 7.

M-A M-4 complete parts kit: $580
Spikes Tactical lower: $105

light, optic, VFG are all low end so not real added value.
I was thinking I spent about 8ish with the stock changes and stuff... but I couldnt really remember. It has been a while. Thanks.
thanks for the help everyone.
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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