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What is it worth???

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I am thinking about selling my AR15 and I was wondering if one of you guru types could tell me about how much I could expect to get for it?

It is built on a Spikes Tactical lower. Everything else came from M-A. It is pre-ban config. The barrel is threaded the whole 16" and has a removable flash suppressor. The stock is fiberforce and it has an ergo-grip. The flaslight on it is just a cheap walmart LED, optic on top is just a cheapo red dot. It has 4 mags, and is maybe 18 months old. I have only been able to shoot 3 or 4 mags out of it. Never a hic-up. Any help regarding price would help. Thanks.
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Take a look over at gunbroker.com and you'll get a good idea of what AR's are fetching.
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