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What gears would I need?

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Once the funds allow it, I think I've decided to just do a teraflex bb, slap on some 35's, regear and add lockers front and rear. My question is, what gear ratio would you guys recommend for me since this is my daily driver and I do see highway speeds pretty often? I do have the automatic. I was thinking maybe 5.13's, but thought maybe that would be to low. also, what brand gears are most guys running? I was big into diesel pickups before I got my JK, and a lot of guys were having problems with the Yukon gears, didn't know if that carried over to their smaller gear sets as well.
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4.88's will get you closest to stock, so if you were happy with the 4.10's you'll probably be happy with that. However, if you thought it was underpowered you should go with the 5.13's. I'm in the process of getting 5.13's installed right now.
Mine's a DD as well
I just put 35"s on and lost about 1-1.5MPG (down to about 11 on the highway) and its livable but sloooow
runs in 3rd gear 75% of the time on the highway in hilly West Texas so 5.13's are on my short list
well, I don't even have 4.10's now, mine came with 3.73's stock. apparently for 08, they did away with the 4.10 option for all jk's except the rubicons, otherwise I would have got them so it would have been somewhat liveable till I could afford to regear. But I guess I'll have to save up so I can regear at the same time I do a lift and bigger tires. I'm thinking maybe the 5.13's are the way to go, and if I should ever decide to go up to 37's someday, it should still be liveable that way. I figure 5.13's can't drop the fuel mileage that much more than what the lift, tires, and the eventual winch and bumpers would anyways. What brand gears are you guys using?
x2 on the 5.13's. With the auto and 35's it'll work out better than the 4.88 would. You'll even be happier with the 5.13's, I'm sure.
Ok, so 5.13's it is. What brand do you recommend? And just outta curiosity, how bad would these suck with my stock 225's if I decided to do the gears first? I'm guessing pretty bad:)
Doesn't really matter, they all are supplied by the same manufacturer. Just get what you can for the best price. Right now we're in the middle of a long backorder -- everywhere.
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