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What gear to tow in?

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So, I have a 2009 Wrangler JK X with 3.8 V6 and six speed manual trans. Just had it re geared to 4:10's. Now my question is this. I assume 6th gear is overdrive, I have a trailer weighing about 1500 pounds. I don't think I should tow in overdrive, what do you think. Planing a trip soon mostly using the interstates, normal speeds towing or not is around 60MPH. Is it ok to use 5th for this? My last tow vehicle was a Chevy pick up with auto trans and I always used tow haul and third gear, never OD. Thanks guys.
P.S. I once ruined a manual trans in a 92 Chevy with a 5 speed manual (4:32 gears) towing in overdrive. That was expensive!!
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