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Located in Corona Ca.

Please Contact me at: [email protected]


$5000 OBO

OR - Im willing to trade for 2 door JK parts. Lift kit, wheels, tires, ect... as long as it sums up to my asking price I will do the trade.

1993 YJ Renegade - red with grey interior

- 4.0L I6 that I pulled out of a wrecked XJ it has about 75k

- AX-15, stock, new clutch, pressure plate, & slave cyl.

- NP231, Advanced Adapters H.D. SYE 32 spline output, Tera Low 4:1

- Front axle: Currie Dana HP Dana44, 4.56 gears, Aussie locker, Alloy USA inner and outter axle shafts, Warn Premium hubs, brand new U-joints, and ball joints Spidertrax 1.25" wheel spacers. Total width: 63" WMS to WMS.

- Rear axle: XJ D44, 4.56 gears, Detroit locker, Alloy USA shafts, HD yoke. 60" WMS to WMS

- Stock drive shaft in the front with new U-joints, Tom Woods CV shaft in the rear, again with brand new U-joints.

- BRAND NEW brakes (and I mean everything is brand new!)


- 4.5" Rubicon Express lift kit

- Tera Flex rear shock hoop

- M.O.R.E. front shock hoops (no front shocks, I just installed the hoops and dident even get to buy new shocks)


You get 2.

- Tera Knuckle Hi-Steer, 7/8" heims, BULLET PROOF steering. However I could not get a full steering throw out of it, I found out how to fix it by a member on the Jeepaholics board and was going to put it back on. This steering kit is NOT installed on the Jeep.

- BRAND NEW Rustys Offroad HD steering. This steering kit is nice but not nearly as heavy duty as the Tera kit. Also the Jeep drove MUCH better with the Tera steering. This kit is installed on the Jeep right now and has less than 15 miles.

Wheels & Tires:

- 35" Goodyear MT/R's 75% tread

- 15x8 Crager Soft 8's, black.

Skids and Everything else:

- 1" Daystar body lift

- M.O.R.E. Bomb Proof motor mounts (1" lift)

- NEW M.O.R.E. roll cage, welded in.

- NEW Tera Flex Belly Up skid plate...not a scratch on it.

- Currie Ent. rocker gards

- Rev1 Tube fenders

- ProComp Rear bump with 2" hitch

- Stock front bumper, cut, welded on tow bar mounts. Warn winch plate will be included, Im keeping the winch however.

- Dual hooks on front, I drilled the hooks and re-taped the frame so I could use larger 9/16" Dia. grade 8 bolts.

- Full doors

- Fuel tank mounted IN tub

****** NO WINCH Im keep'n it Wink***********

Thats about all I can think of right now. I've owned this Jeep for 6 years. It was garaged all its life untill and was a total complete princess Jeep until about 2 years ago. I daily drove this Jeep until last year and it was extreamly reliable. I changed the oil and filter every 3k when I drove it daily, now I change it every 2 months. All the oils are Synthtic, Mobil 1 in the engine, Torco in the trans and axles....I forgot the name of it but the T-case has a Syn. ATF in it made by GM (all I can remember is that its blue). My Jeep has never let me down and I am extreamly sad to see it go. I would stand in front of a bullet for this Jeep. The frame has NO cracks and NO rust. Mechanically the Jeep is in great shape, as far as oil leaks go... there are none except the rear main seal. There are many new parts on this Jeep because I was actually going to start daily driving it again. I cant see paying $400 a month for my new truck witch I don't even enjoy driving.

This Jeep is not pretty. PLENTY of scratches, scars and dents. The windshield is lexan that I glued in at Moab after rolling it. the tub is so badly crushed on the drivers side rear corner that I can not put a soft top on it. I was planning on putting a new tub on it in the next coming months but now I have to sell it as is. My uncle has a black YJ tub that I was going to buy for $500 witch is still available. This Jeep will go anywhere you want to go. It is built VERY simple for one reason, so that it will be reliable. Nothing fancy, just the old school stuff so there is not much to break or go wrong.

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