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That does seem high. Mine peaks at 215-220°F, but runs between 198-206°F 99% of the time, and very rarely moves out of that range at freeway speeds. That is with an outside air temp in the 90's and the AC blasting away.

I don't tow with mine, so can't say how it compares, but 240°F seems way too hot to me even when towing and would give me some cause for concern. 220-222°F seems too high when not towing too.

I know it's obvious, but I'd check the radiator for mud/leaves/bugs/etc blocking it up. I'd also check the fluid levels, oil/tranny/engine. Make sure the belt is running tight too. A t-stat that is not opening fully could cause these high temps too.

Without a tranny temp gauge you can't tell how hot the tranny is running, and the main radiator houses the tranny cooler and they exchange heat to an extent, so a really hot tranny may cause a really hot engine. I'd imagaine the tranny is getting pretty warm when towing, but it should not be an issue the rest of the time.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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