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Watch out, captsam54 has come ashore..!!

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AAARRGGGHHH...!!! Maties..!!

Found out through the rumor mill on where to go after getting fed up with the current heavy handed attitude over at you know where..

So I will anchor here for a while and see what's up..!!

Thanks for letting me be here, and I will try not to piss you off..!!

(Well most of you anyhow..):rolleyes:

RUPE for Pres...!!!
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Welcome captsam54! Glad to see you over here. Looks like this place is getting bigger by the day.

Rupedog and AZCA jeeper you will definitely be missed!
Yea, but now they're here racking up posts. I'll give'em another week to hit a thousand. :D
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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