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Watch out, captsam54 has come ashore..!!

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AAARRGGGHHH...!!! Maties..!!

Found out through the rumor mill on where to go after getting fed up with the current heavy handed attitude over at you know where..

So I will anchor here for a while and see what's up..!!

Thanks for letting me be here, and I will try not to piss you off..!!

(Well most of you anyhow..):rolleyes:

RUPE for Pres...!!!
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YARRRR!!! Welcome aboard mattie. I think you'll like this place better.
Rupe and I got the boot, so we ended up here.

Now scrub the poop deck.

P.S. silver rules :p
AZCA -- you too - what's the scoop... er poop?

Oh yeah - welcome Capt! (Gotcha beat by about an hour or so!) Fun to be a Junior again! -- loved the water shots by the way...
Yep me too. Alrighty here's the poop...
Recently, Piginajeep closed the "How's Rupedog" thread because "since rupedog is better, there is no need for this thread" was his excuse I started a thread stating that I wanted the rupe thread back. It wasn't hurting anyone, as it was just a casual thread a few members (including myself) could go to to see how other members were doing. It was re-opened an hour later, but then closed again by Eddie.
Unbelievable -- I guess I'll be next then 'cuz I also responded to your thread before they deleted it and also to Pig about closing it to begin with. At first I thought he was just clowning around but this makes it seems much more insidious.

JKer or not - wasn't it supposed to be about JK enthusiasts??? I personally learned an awful lot from folks on there that don't have a JK yet!
I saw his post, it wasn't bad, but you did go up against pig and he likes to try to suck you into an arguement so you will get banned. I left it alone and didn't fall into it. I just got it for bad mouthing Eddie in a PM, to the guy that had said bad things about FT's lift. I told him it wasn't right and I said god thinks he is a god and bad mouthed the site and Northridge4x4 because of the un business like trashing that was going on. I feel like I'm writing this on every thread. Sorry. See other threads.:D


I'll get my sig and avatar up tomorrow...too many phone calls today (back on hold again right now about insurance crap) and bowling night tonight (so of course happy hour(s) are here first before we head over and then return for more!
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