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Wanting to put a 3.5 inch lift on my 2009 jk 2door

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Hey so I’ve had my jeep for a while and I have finally saved up some money to start doing what I want to it. Right now it sits on 33’s by 12.5 by 17. It was the stock Dina 30 front axle I’m pretty and maybe an 8.8 on the back. I want to put a 3.5 in lift on it along with 35 or 37 inch tires on 17’s. I’ve been reading a lot about the difference between the 35 to 37 tire and that the 37’s require more work to be put in. I have a budget around 4,000 and I’m on here looking for input from people who are more experienced than I am. Also I’m not planning on doing an MAJOR off-roading but only slight or small trails(not rock crawling). Any input will help, also I have a shop with a hydrolic lift where I can do it myself so installation cost is not a factor.
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You need to more than double your budget for 37's and 3.5" of lift. Realistly for a safe good driving jeep on 37's will run you around $10k. I would recommend Metal Cloak as well. This kit for 37's, JK Wrangler 3.5" Game-Changer Suspension Add the components to do the drag link flip up front and exhaust cross pipe work as well. Think about driveshafts. Wheels with 3.5" of back spacing or less. Consider a big brake kit to stop the big rubber.

Personally I would recommend not running anything bigger than a 35" tire on a daily driver which can easily be done with your budget.
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