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So doing the brake job on the rear of the JK today, i found out one of the mounting pins froze inside the caliper braket. I have a snow run scheduled tomorrow in Winnemucca that I would like to make.

If anyone in Reno is interested in letting me borrow their rear caliper bracket off their JK tonight so I can make the run tomorrow, i will make it worth it to you.

Replacement bracket and pin is on order from the dealer but it wont be in til tuesday. I'll give you $100 as a deposit, and you can keep 40 of that when I return everything tomorrow night. I'll even come over and do all the work if I can get the bracket from you tonight. The replacement cost is $61 from the dealer, so even if i try to screw you, you will still make out. I'll have it back to you tomorrow night so you wont be without your jeep for very long.

Please call me at 209-251-9187 if you can do this

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