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Walnut Creek Tx.- Last run of the year...

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There will be some more pics to come, but here are the first. Great time / Good turnout / No babies were harmed. Enjoy!


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Great picks, to bad about the Toyota (hehe). Trails in Texas seem awful short, but really, really wide.
Question, the one jeep with the tire in the back. I run a similar setup, to get some weight off the back. How is the tire mounted?
That's what I am wondering. I have mine secured to the floor, but I was wondering the way that the tire is sitting, did he have a rack of some sort. Usually when you see a tire upright like that it's bolted to the roll bar.
I thought he was talking about mine Kerry. Eugene...What Jeep/ color/ TJ/ JK ?
The white TJ 556NNG. I thought the tire was mounted someway, but it sounds like it was just stuffed in there. Hey Stu., I mount my spare the same way. It was if Jeep put the rear seat mounting points exactly where a 35" tire would go. Those brackets work great. But right now I am modifying a few stock scissor jacks (cannibilizing them for parts) to make a trick screw down tire mount. The straps (I use chains and a binder) work but I figure I can make a real trick screw down tire mount that will work a little better.
Joke told to me years ago from a Navy pilot about Marines (don't hold me personally responsible....I like Marines)
A Marine pilot was coming in for a landing. As he touched down he was forced to use full reverse thrust, full flaps, his air brakes, and smoke his tires to come to a stop. In just 100 feet, stopping just inches from the dirt. He says to his copilot "This has got to be the shortest runway that I have ever landed on!" His copilot looking out both sides of the aircraft at thousands of feet of tarmac replies, "And the widest!"
Now you see what I mean about your trail. I know that those were just flex opertunities.
1 - 4 of 24 Posts
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