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Walnut Creek Tx.- Last run of the year...

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There will be some more pics to come, but here are the first. Great time / Good turnout / No babies were harmed. Enjoy!


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Big Thanks to your professional photographer. Unfortunately, I only got a few. I'll post up what i got a little later. Sorry you had to leave a little early, but we were out of there within an hour or so after that, and headed to the hot rod show...
Great picks, to bad about the Toyota (hehe). Trails in Texas seem awful short, but really, really wide.
Question, the one jeep with the tire in the back. I run a similar setup, to get some weight off the back. How is the tire mounted?
Are you referring to the Silver Jeep with the tire in the back? If so, it looked like he just had it sitting back there, maybe I'm wrong, but I was behind him on one of the trails and it looked like it was bouncing around....:mr-t: I pity the fool that gets nailed by a tire when it bounces up front...
I didn't look to see if he had it secured. It may have been loosely secured, thus the movement I saw? He had all kinds of camping gear or something back there, so it was tough to see and I didn't look...
Well, I didn't get crap for pics. It seemed that I was always stuck in the woods where I couldn't see, or forgot my camera in the Jeep when I walked up to see what was goin on. This is all I really got....

my attempt at chowing the off camber inside the jeep,,,didn't succeed :D

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This is what I found when I got outta the Jeep for a hold up. these trails are tight and twisty. Good place to test out your suspension..

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I thought he was talking about mine Kerry. Eugene...What Jeep/ color/ TJ/ JK ?
I assumed he was talking about the Silver TJ
(4th down in your first post) that had it standin upright in the back...
The trails at Walnut Creek are actually VERY tight. Through many areas of the ranch, you have to pull the side view mirrors inward or lose them. I actually slid into a tree this weekend on a tight off camber section and got to test out my AEV trail corners. We had to remove a rear tail light so that it wouldn't be destroyed.
Yeah, If you look at the picture where my tire is off the ground, you will see a tree on the left. I had it cleared until I drove out and the jeep flexed the other way. Now I have a nice big dent in my rear drivers flare....need to figure out how to get those stupid little plastic retainers out so I can knock it back out...
1 - 7 of 24 Posts
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