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We NEED everyone's input on this! PLEASE.

Even if you have NEVER wheeled in Tellico (I have not) we are asking you to post in this rally thread on May 7th.

The JV rally was very sucessfull, and we need this rally to be even bigger.

All I am asking for is 5 minutes of your time to express your concerns about the Tellico closures.

To sweeten the post, companies are donating prizes to rally posters at random.

Nick McCracken
Rally Lead

Kurt Schneider
Pirate4x4.com land-use Editor


Contact: Kurt Schneider
Tel. 925-596-0432
E-mail: [email protected]

El Dorado County: April 18th, 2008

Pirate4x4.com builds on a successful rally format to protest more route closures

After an extremely successful virtual rally for Johnson Valley and the world renowned Hammers rock crawling trails in California, Pirate4x4.com members are shifting their focus to the east coast and are once again gathering for a massive virtual rally to save the Upper Tellico OHV Park in North Carolina. On Wednesday May7th, 2008, Pirate4x4.com, a leading website for the OHV community, will hold this rally from 4 to 9 pm eastern standard time.

In 2007, the Southern Environmental Law Center, in coalition with Trout Unlimited and P.E.E.R. (Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility) filed a notice of intent to sue the Untied Stated Forest Service, claiming it was in violation of the federal water pollution act. This coalition stated that the Upper Tellico OHV area was dumping sediment into nearby streams and destroying the habitat of local brook trout. In turn, the USFS closed a major portion of the Tellico trail system.

There are many arguments against closing this popular OHV area, and many organizations involved in keeping it open. Carla Boucher, the attorney for the United Four Wheel Drive Association states, “United Four Wheel Drive Association (UFWDA), along with its partners Blue Ribbon Coalition and Southern Four Wheel Drive Association, are committed to taking all steps necessary to save our access at Tellico, including legislative, administrative, and legal action!” This rally will bolster the efforts made by these organizations in this battle by showing a large contingent of OHV users who back and support these organizations in their efforts.

Virtual rally participants will be asked to post their experiences, photos and history recreating with their families in the Tellico area along with their feelings and beliefs as to why the trail system should not be closed. Their comments will be posted and tracked in a bulletin board format, with a goal of creating a lasting record of how important this area is to a vast number of people in the OHV community. Tellico is one of the very few public areas on the east coast for OHV recreation. Interested parties are encouraged to participate in the rally and read the thread.

On March 12th 2008, Pirate4x4.com hosted a similar virtual rally for the world renowned OHV trail system in Johnson Valley, CA. That rally had nearly 1,500 posts from OHV enthusiasts all across the world in a four hour time span. Saved in time in order to create a lasting homage to the rally, to date the Hammers rally has been viewed by over 48,000 people.

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If you would like more information on this topic, or to schedule an interview with Kurt Schneider, Please call 925-596-0432 or e-mail Kurt at [email protected]

Already saw the link on Pirate and a few other forums. I’ll be joining this rally as I did the Johnson Valley one :beer::beer:

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I only got 1 post in... :bawling:

After I got home things were crazy around here so I have not even had a chance to get online till now. I figured there would have been a lot more post in the thread though
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