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Each year we celebrate their heroism. Their dedication. Their selfless defense of liberty.

This year, on Veterans Day, we are doing what we can to say Thank You.

It's not much, but with your support, maybe it can make a difference.

Here is how it works... we will do FREE SHIPPING all day, Wednesday, November 11 -- Veteran's Day -- just like we did this last weekend.

However... a percentage of ALL ORDERS placed on Veteran's day will go to support an amazing Veteran's group called 4 Wheel to Heal.

I had a chance to work with one of their vets on Xtreme Off Road and his story, his courage, truly touched me. It made any difficulty in my life seem trivial.

So, if you were planning on ordering this month, or even waiting for Black Friday, place your order on Veterans Day.

And there is NO COUPON CODE TO ENTER, just place the order online and free shipping will be applied automatically! (Good for the lower 48 states only, and does not apply to Extended Corner Guards.)

God Bless the men and women who have served in America's Armed Forces. God Bless those who put themselves in front of danger so that our families are safe.

And God Bless you, my friend.


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