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Hello everyone,

It's been a while since I've posted (no specific reason) - in addition to my current '12 JK, my wife and I bought a '19 JLU last summer. About a month ago, we were travelling northbound on route 1 at about 65mph, and hit a bump, which set off the infamous vibration (DW) that we all know and love :|

I made an appointment to have it checked at the stealership, and while waiting for the day to arrive, I noticed online that there'd been an actual recall for this issue (V41). The dealer gave me no issues, except for the parts that they had in stock for this repair were awaiting other owners to claim them, first (it's my understanding that the parts are sent to the dealer per VIN, and per VIN that was sold at THAT dealer, prior to anyone else getting priority). I did not buy this truck at that dealer, but this dealer is close to my new home, which is why I made the appt there.

They ended up getting the OK to use one of the existing parts on the shelf to fix our JLU, and it was ready in about 3 hrs. I'll keep you guys posted on the difference it makes (hopefully it's legit). Since I unfortunately do not trust dealerships at all, I made sure I looked under the truck when I got home to confim that they'd swapped out the part, and they did.
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