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pics to come tomorrow, I really need to get a new camera asap. here is the story though

John I have your cooler and BFH :D

Ok here goes, I am going up Kodiak rock section, took me a few times to get up this one section, but made it with a little scraping of course :laughing: make it up that part, stop for little bit then I gotta move up another part, I slide on rock and slam drivers side rim HARD into rock, I make it up and now on pretty flat ground, start hearing some clacky grinding snapping type noise, RUT ROH, sounds like gears either in rear or transfer case. Ok 4 of us listen and decide its the rear, jack it up in nuetral, spin the tires, kinda noisy, ok lets open her up, we get a garbage bag and line a small cooler with it(see first line of post haha) drain the rear(I happen to have 2qts of gear oil with me) open then cover and all looks well, no broken parts, CRAP now were back to the transfer case.....we spin the wheels again and Justin(Sonic) gets under the jeep in the center by transfer case and suddenly spots the problem, what the hell is that piece of metal by the driveshaft, RUBBING on the driveshaft :laughing: turns out somehow this part of the skid that is supposed to be behind one piece of metal is now on the outside and rubbing the damn driveshaft...lmfao all that for a piece of metal rubbing the shaft, of course we orginally thought it was transfer case so I was freaking out, thinking it was going to cost a couple grand, then ok only the rear, to just a damn piece of skid that we cant even figure out how it got on the outside lmao WHEW....we tried to bend it back but that didnt work, so Kyle(Sin52) used my visegrips to clamp the 2 pieces together and it gave clearance so no more rubbing. So I did a trail rear diff oil change for nothing, well except a good story :laughing2: now learn from our day and check for driveshaft rubs before taking anything apart :shaking::laughing:

Oh and this was after we had to pull Joe's(enigmaverse) front axle after he broke it at the beginning of the ride, good thing I just had picked up a 36mm socket this week and brought it with me lol....and TACK WELD those damn u-joint caps EVERYONE dont just do one side like someone I know :laughing2:

thanks for the help today guys, that was an adventure:laughing: :beer:
1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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