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So it's finally time for some upgrades to my '08 JKU. This is some of what showed up to the shop the other day:


The build started in earnest, new 3" Teraflex springs, Fox remote resi dampers, and 5:13's, among other goodies..


The front end got the same treatment, along with new Teraflex LCA's, HD trackbar and Fox steering stabilizer.


Here's the obligatory flex shot:


Aaannd an artsy glamour shot...


First impressions; The regear is amazing. It's true what everyone says about it being the best performance upgrade. Couldn't be happier. The full springs (they replaced a BB kit w/ Tera spacers) make the ride much better, less harsh. I was originally disappointed with the Fox shocks, as the ride over broken pavement, potholes and the like is still a little harsh, but I've come to realize that they are amazing over bigger stuff. Those speed dips in the road? Full speed, man, the Foxes love it!

A big shout out goes to John at Impulse off road for putting up with me these past few weeks. Despite trying to finish his JK for the KOH, he answered all my phone calls about stupid questions, and he really hooked me up with all the stuff on the Jeep.

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Very cool, love seeing rigs get built into something uniuqe.
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