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Glass is out - Polycarbonate is in. All orders from today will now ship with the new upgraded Polycarbonate lenses.


Complete pair of LED headlamps with harnesses for a Jeep JK or TJ

Plug in these ultra cool LED headlight units into your TJ or JK wrangler. The LED Headlight kit comes with instructions, 2 headlights and 2 wiring harnesses for a plug and play install. Some minor hidden plastic trimming may be required for proper fitment.

The bright, white light from this, 7-inch round, high/low LED headlamp mimics natural light and helps to reduce driving fatigue. Its high performance optics, solid-state electronics, and die-cast aluminum housing makes it extremely resistant to shock, vibration, and corrosion.


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You've been a great vendor to deal with I and I appreciate everything.

Thanks for the great deal on these along with the matching fog lights! I can't wait to receive them.

Front what I understand, with regards to the install of the headlights, I have to either -
a) cut up the opening of the headlight bucket and clock the airbar sensor
b) get an additional set of headlight buckets and modify those and sandwich the two headlight buckets together, without messing with the airbag sensor.

I am thinking I want to go with plan b. Can you get me the part numbers on the headlight buckets (drivers and passengers side)? And, if you can get them, can you PM me price on these?

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