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Write-Up Photos can be found here: http://jeepxchange.com/article/uniden-pro-520-xl-install/

When you’re trying to get your Jeep trail ready the first thing most people get dialed in is their suspension and tires. After that there is seemingly an unlimited number of other things to do but one that can really make enhance your experience out on the trail is a CB Radio. Enjoying the trial is one thing but being able to get updates, chat, joke, with a group of friends while on the trail makes the trip all that more enjoyable.

There are a ton of options for CB’s out there, I chose the Uniden Pro 520 XL for it’s compactness and that the speaker is loud enough to hear without installing an external speaker system. I don’t know enough about CB’s to piece one together so I ordered the Uniden 520 Jeep & Off-Road Kit from RightChannelRadios which came with just about everything I needed. With a little ingenuity, the help of my friends from Cavalry 4×4, and an ice cold beverage in hand the process was quite straight forward and enjoyable.

What You’ll Need
CB Kit: Uniden Pro 520 XL or Uniden Pro 510 XL, Teraflex JK CB Mount Kit, Wilson Flex Antenna,

Tools: The Basics Stuff (screwdriver, wrenches, sockets, pliers, etc..) , Drill, 5′ – 6′ of extra wire, soldering iron, shrink tube, Electrical Wire Terminals – Ring, Washers, nuts, long thin bolt.

Uniden Pro 520 XL Install
Step 1. Remove your top (makes running coax cable easier) and the spare tire and the two bolts on the passenger side of the spare tire mount. Place the Teraflex antenna mount in position then use the supplied hardware to bolt on the antenna mount. You must use the supplied hardware because the factory bolts are too short.

Step 2. Remove the plastic panels on the driver side of the tailgate and the top of the tailgate. Remove rubber plug just below the newly installed antenna mount. Drill a hole in the center of the plug then cut a slit from the hole to end of the plug. Slide the plug over the end of your Coax Cable (Leave enough from for it to reach the antenna mount).

Step 3. Run the other end of the Coax Cable through the bottom of the tailgate reach through the panel opening to pull the cable through (still inside the tailgate) then run it up to the top part of the tail gate, pull it through one of the holes and run it along the outside of the top panel (follow the other wiring).

Step 4. Run your coax cable along the roll bar on the passenger side to your desired destination. Because of the length of the supplied cable I ended up running the cable all the way to the front passenger section, looped it under the roll bar then came back through the sound bar (making sure that I am not near the part of the coax cable)

Step 5. I have a soft top and did not want to drill into my sound bar so I decided to use the existing holes on the passenger side of the the sound bar to mount my bracket. Install CB Mounting Bracket using a series of washers and nuts (Special thanks to Travis, my personal MacGyver for figuring how to do this)

Step 6. Using the supplied hardware install your CB

Step 7. At this point you know you have enough wire so you can install the antenna

Step 8. If you mounted your CB to the sound bar the supplied power wires won’t be long enough to run back through the passenger sound bar and down tho the battery, you’ll need to extend the wire and add a Electronic wire terminals for the ground and hot wires.

Step 9. When you get juice to the CB, you can give it a try (You know you want to), zip everything back up, and you’re done

Notes: The kit comes with a SWR Meter which you’ll use to tune your antenna. Like I said in the beginning I don’t know much about CB’s but Right Channel Radios came through again with this Fantastic Video on how to tune your antenna.

I have no affiliation to Right Channel Radio except that they took my money and sent me a CB. I’m giving them props because they earned it. Their service was beyond what I’m used to when dealing with most online retailers (even most brick and mortar retailers) and even though I changed my order (Originally ordered a Firestick FS 4′ antenna) they got the order changed and everything delivered on time and without error.

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