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Underhood trouble light from GM pickups

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This came up way back when in this thread

I finally grabbed a couple of pics today
These lights were factory in a lot of GM pickups from 88-99 and have a cord about 20' long on a retractable crank so it will reach anywhere around/under the jeep or it snaps into the hood bracket and works from there too.
In the one pic I pulled it down by the winch, but theres a LOT more wire than that.
simple to install, works great and built to OEM standards.
I think I got mine on ebay for ~$12 or you could probably goto the local boneyard and snag one for less.
You can also find LED upgrade bulbs if you were so inclined
Had one on my YJ that I stole off of one of my dads trucks before he traded it.
I know I need to clean up a bunch of wiring under my hood, it's on the list :laughing:


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Looks good. I had a '90 Cutlass Supreme (lovingly refered to as "The POS") with that or similar light. Very useful mod.:smokin:
Hey, I remember that thread!! I need to pick one of those up and mount it in the back somewhere. Thanks for the reminder Venom! Looks great!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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