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i find myself pretty annoyed by the uconnect 420 that came with my 2016. i can't seem to figure out a way to have it breadcrumb, and it'd be nice to pull a traveled route out of it for sharing with others. plus i find myself flipping back and forth between google maps on my iphone quite a bit anyways just because it's about 100x easier to use and i'm not prevented by using it when driving more than 5 mph. the satellite radio user interface is borderline sadistic, and the integration with an iphone and spotify via bluetooth or connected, half the time it just doesn't work without fiddling with it for a few minutes.

so a multi-pronged question:

1) who's swapped out their head unit with something like a pioneer avic or kenwood with the apple carplay? are you happy with it?
2) or maybe even just mounted up a small ipad?
3) what nav app are you using? there's so many! but it seems like opinions trend towards gaia.

i welcome any and all opinions!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts