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TWF Loud Ass Horns ((((Giveaway))))

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Update: For those who wish to buy a horn at your request they have been added to our website

TrailWorthyFab.com is going to do another giveaway for you guys. There will be 2 winners out of this thread for a set of the loudest horns I have ever been around. These have found their way onto U4 cars as well as the guy who wants to piss his neighbors off.

WARNING: Trail Worthy Inc. is not responsible for any damage to your ears or anyone that might come into contact with this product.

These killer horns are on sale right now for $75. Should you buy a set and end up winnng the giveaway we will refund your money. Enjoy and thanks for your continued support!!!!!


#1. You must have a star next to your name. If you don't have one and you want a chance to win then you need to buy one so you can have the same chance everyone else does.

#2. Post up in this thread with the reason you wish to win or a simple reply.


#4. If you live outside of the lower 48 you will pay your own freight.

#5. I don't know what number 5 is but I'm going to leave it open so I can make up my own rule if someone is being a d!ck.

#6. After 30 days the winner will be announced

#7 There will be 2 winners picked out of this thread.

Here is a Video of Derek West using this same horn last year. :smokin: Even when he is around the corner you can still hear the horn. These are the only horn I have been around that you can hear over the roar of a U4 cars motor giving it all it has.
(Thank you D. West for allowing us to use your car/video)

Rcq 2012 - YouTube
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So I can scare people standing at the Red box at 7-11!! If I win I will post a video... Lol
#48 This is our 2nd winner. Show me the fawk'n video :thefinger:
SWEEEET!! Thank you so much! I'll be posting a video, for sure! Lol that's awesome... :D:beer:
Gotta do it now! I wanna see it too, hahaha
It's going to be all about the timing... I have to make sure no one has a glass bottle in their hand! Lol
No no no... Well, as long as they drop it otherwise I don't want them throwing that at the Jeep! Lol
I was checking out placement for mine today... I figured one on the oem mount and one just on the other side where the esp is bolted on. I'll just use that bolt, hopefully! Lol I'm not really sure about wiring yet.. I will have to pull the oem horn out to figure out if I can use that relay and if I need to fuse it separately... We'll see! If anyone has mounted these and has some tips I'd appreciate it for sure!!
1 - 5 of 145 Posts
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